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Community Care Management began in 1993 as a not-for-profit organization formed to manage an innovative integrated system of care for troubled children and their families. Our goal was, and still is, to fuse the resources of individual families, social service agencies, professional service providers, and a variety of community-based organizations into solutions that truly work.

As a result, children are able to remain with their families in their community, rather than being placed in out of home, residential, or institutional setting. Public agencies and private providers are asked to rethink their standards of counseling and care. Community and faith-based organizations are invited and encouraged to participate. Most important, families are involved as key decision-makers in the care of their children.

Success with the initial Community Care model lead to the need to offer a more comprehensive solution. Community Care Systems was formed to meet this need. Start-up consultation, training, administrative services, evaluation, and information systems development were added as services to assist in developing and incorporating a unique solution that meets their individual goals and objectives. Communities wishing to create managed systems of mental health, human services and social support have a model and, most importantly, the technical assistance they need to put in place a customized system that works and saves money.

Today’s Community Care Systems has expanded to a wider range of clients, but our core mission remains the same: providing solutions that work.

Community Care Systems, Inc.
4710 E.Broadway Suite 105 Madison, WI 53716 (608) 255-1875
Email info@commcaresys.com

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