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CareManager® supports essential information management procedures necessary for successful integration of community resources in a program of caring for high-need and vulnerable populations. This exceptional internet-based information system combines simplified tracking and reporting of information with accessibility and ease of use. CareManager® allows care managers, supervisors, and system administrators to concentrate their time on client needs rather than paperwork.

CareManager® is more than a competent information management tool. It is designed to support the fundamental underpinnings of the Community Care model--client-centered care planning and individualized services--while providing management tools that ensure fiscal responsibility. The system's integrated care planning, service authorization, payment, and reporting modules are critical to maintaining the careful balance between the Community Care treatment philosophy and evidence-based management approach. Designed in close consultation with Community Care's clinical and training professionals, CareManager® provides:
  • Direct on-site data entry
  • Care planning module that prompts care managers to focus on client needs, strengths and outcomes
  • Highly secure database
  • Ability to track information on clients as they move through the system
  • Real time reports that integrate information on care planning processes, service utilization and outcomes
Because it is Internet-based, CareManager® makes the latest information technology available without the need for expensive hardware or dedicated information technology staff on site. The Internet connection erases any technology divide between large and small agencies by surmounting geographic barriers and limited financial resources. The client provides internet access, Community Care provides the server, server software and maintenance, backups, and ongoing support staff for troubleshooting and data quality control.

What kind of customization is available? Community Care recognizes that every site is unique.
With CareManager®, the information technology is adapted to the task rather than the task being re-engineered to fit the software.

Key CareManager® modules address a broad array of data management needs with a difference. These modules are based on extensive clinical, training, and administrative experience with managing an integrated system of care.

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