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Outcomes Measurement

Does a particular care model, designed to address the needs of children and adults that are most at-risk, really work? Are the outcomes achieved equal to the expectations of clients, their families, and the community? That's why outcomes measurement is at the heart of maintaining the integrity and vigor of an integrated system of care. Community Care knows, from our own work in the field, that integrated care planning and delivery succeeds best where it is subject to systematic outcomes evaluation.

The state-of-the-art CareManager® information system is a powerful data management tool designed to support these activities.

Producing outcomes data not only provides a measure of progress in individual cases, but demonstrates a system's commitment to quality. Outcomes measurement tools and data collection are built into the CareManager® care planning work and the documentation of service delivery. This seamless integration ensures that the outcomes measurement process supports rather than burdens the system's busy care managers and providers.

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