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A Systems Approach

Traditional systems of care often fail children and adults who are most at-risk and vulnerable; children with serious emotional disorders, children in foster care, the elderly poor, and adults with severe mental or physical disabilities. Fragmented funding sources and a lack of coordination deprive many of these individuals of the services they need, a scenario that gives way to easy "solutions" that separate people from their communities and their own support networks.

Community Care's approach emphasizes an evidence-based, outcomes-focused management model, customized to local needs, interests, and resources. We work with communities in a process that clears the way for success. This means involving key stakeholders, identifying and disarming political, fiscal, and social obstacles, and redefining the individuals in need and their families as key decision-making partners.

The components of a systems approach - care planning, prior authorization, utilization review and financial management, information systems, and continuous quality improvement are familiar terms to health and human service professionals and policymakers. In the Community Care model, these terms achieve real impact as the functional basis of a services infrastructure where each component works in conjunction with, and supports, the other components in a truly integrated model. Such integration has the capacity to recondition fragmented and ineffective models of care.

Community Care's senior consultants and trainers provide communities and groups with integrated services designed to help them create or refine an infrastructure that supports a systems approach.

Community Care's services and products include:
  • System design and start-up consultation
  • Sophisticated internet-based information system
  • Information management and support

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