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Custom ASP

Today’s global economy has expanded the geography of the workforce and requires companies to work harder to stay connected. Immediacy of data availability and analysis is essential to staying on the cutting edge. Unfortunately this often involves an investment in hardware, software, and technical staff that is beyond the reach of many organizations. Out of the box solutions are often expensive and even then do not always meet the needs of the organization.

Do any of the following describe your situation?
  • Need to connect and track a remote work force?
  • Need for remote data collection and integration?
  • An 'out of the box’ solution does not meet your needs?
  • A custom solution is cost prohibitive?
  • Difficulty keeping pace with changing technology, hardware, and software?
  • Difficulty finding and keeping technical staff?
We can help your group overcome these barriers with affordable customized solutions that meet your organizational needs.

Benefits of our systems include:
  • Instantly available data entry, reports, and metrics from any location with an internet connection
  • Export to EXCEL
  • Export to PDF
  • No need for hardware or internal IT infrastructure investments
  • Data security with daily full backup and incremental backups on a defined schedule
  • Client control over data access levels with varying level of access
  • Help desk access via phone and email
  • Same business day response to support calls and emails
Community Care offers decades of experience in design and implementation of custom data centric solutions, from complex turnkey solutions, to modular components designed to integrate existing internal processes. We have designed and implemented systems for social work agencies, TV and radio broadcasting stations, hospital labs, and many others.

We have the technical skill to assist you in exploring your unique situation and determining a solution that is right for you.

Our experience designing, implementing, and managing custom data centric systems can help you bring your program or business to the next level.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Community Care Systems, Inc.
4710 E.Broadway Suite 105 Madison, WI 53716 (608) 255-1875
Email info@commcaresys.com

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