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Bill Camperlino - President

Bill came to Community Care with 25 years' experience as a programmer and software developer in a variety of business arenas, including health care, and radio and television industries.

Bill is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the software and information systems needed to support integrated systems of care. In particular, CareManager® is a comprehensive case management, community service, and financial management system designed to support the financial, administrative, and information needs of Community Care's clients. CareManager® supports an integrated approach for automated individualized care planning, prior authorization of services, claims adjudication and payment, data analysis for utilization review, clinical quality assurance, and electronic transmission of information between Community Care and its clients.

In previous positions as President and Vice President of other software development firms, Bill gained substantial experience in project strategy, development, implementation, support, trouble-shooting, and problem resolution. In addition, a number of his independent programming contracts have focused on a wide variety of applications, including: medical devices, medical lab systems, television and radio news production and broadcast control, billing systems, and statistical analysis.

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